Stop the Land Grab in San Antonio Park!

April 13th, 2021
Dear Neighbors,

A San Antonio Park Master Plan was released to our neighborhood for public comment in January 2021 by the consultants the City of Oakland has retained for this capital improvement project. As you may have heard, the construction of a Fire Station IN THE PARK is being proposed. This would develop precious open space in an area that is already one the most densely populated in Oakland. For many families, the outdoor play areas offered by San Antonio Park are their only options for outside recreation.

Our experience during the first two rounds of “public engagement” was that ALL potential scenarios / Master Plans for San Antonio park feature a Fire Station in the southeast corner of the park, which will necessitate removal / destruction of approximately 10% of our park, demolition of 6-8 elm trees planted by volunteers in 2016, and 2 tennis courts that are currently dilapidated and unplayable due to years of neglect. What does this tell you about the City’s priorities? What does this say about the importance of parks and open space in the eyes of the public officials entrusted with the care of our city? Our view is that we can, and must, do better. Park land is not “free” land! Open space is precious!

Take Action

(click the link for detailed instructions)

The last scheduled community engagement session where you can directly speak to some of the individuals pushing the Fire Station is tentatively scheduled Tuesday, 4/27 (3 different meetings.)

Respond to the Survey:
Complete the survey for San Antonio Park and register your opposition to the Fire Station before Tuesday, 4/27. You MUST use the open ended boxes on questions 8 and 9 to do so. No multiple choice option is given for opposing the Fire Station are provided. The survey is posted at https://www.oaklandca.gov/projects/sanantoniopark

Sign our Change.org petition.


P.S. If you care about issues concerning San Antonio park (not necessarily related to the Fire Station), a Friends of San Antonio Park group is forming. Please contact us at friendsofsapark@gmail.com

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5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Please stop the land grab and do not allow the fire station in San Antonio park. The space should be used for public recreation/open space.


  2. The land at San Antonio Park should be preserved for recreational and park uses only. Ken Lupoff, former ED (2011-2021), Oakland Parks & Recreation Foundation


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